Level 2 Practical and Written Exam

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This exam ensures that students can work quickly and consistently to prepare drinks to a high quality standard. All students who attempt this exam should be comfortable with the techniques and principles outlined in the Level 2 coursework. This exam requires demonstration of advanced techniques, including but not limited to: efficiency, drink presentation, and recipe design.

Exams may be taken adjacent to coursework, or scheduled for a future date

To schedule your exam for a future date, please contact Hannah Mercer directly before purchasing to ensure the date/time desired for testing is available.

Exam slots are approximately 45 minutes and will begin at 12:45 p.m. on the final day of Level 2 class bundles.

Length: 45 Minutes
Prerequisites: Learners must hold a Cafe Campesino Barista Level 1 Certificate and have completed the Level 2 Coursework (or comparable certificate/coursework subject to Instructor approval) before attempting the Level 2 Exam.