Level 1 Practical and Written Exam

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The Capstone of the Cafe Campesino Barista Level 1. This multiple choice question test and practical exam ensure that the learner has mastered the basic skills needed to work behind any counter. A student who successfully passes this exam can be trusted to operate an espresso machine, prepare drinks, and provide good customer service to Cafe Campesino standards. With instructor approval, individuals may exempt courses in the basic level and advance directly to the exam - though class participation is strongly encouraged to guarantee exposure to all required skills.

Exams may be taken adjacent to coursework, or scheduled for a future date. For more advanced concepts, students should attend the Level 2 Courses with Cafe Campesino.

To schedule your exam for a future date, please contact Hannah Mercer directly before purchasing to ensure the date/time desired for testing is available.  

Exam times begin at 4:30 on the last day of classes.  Time slots will be assigned to allow each candidate to have a dedicated exam appointment.

Length: 30 Minutes
Prerequisites: All coursework from the Cafe Campesino Level 1 Coursework or Instructor Approved Exemption