I’ve been working in coffee for a while and don’t want to start with the basics.  What are my options?

For SCA Certificate classes students are not required to hold basic certificates before attempting higher level classes, though it is the learner's responsibility to be aware of all standards and practices covered in lower level coursework.  If you are interested in exempting the Level 1 Cafe Campesino Barista Training Course, we approve exemptions on a case by case basis.  Contact Hannah Mercer at 229-924-2468 or hannah@cafecampesino.com to learn the best place for you to start with SCA courses, or with any questions about exemptions for Cafe Campesino courses.

What’s the closest airport?

We are about 2 hours south of Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which has service to just about anywhere in the world! Want to get a little closer before you drive? Regional Airports in Macon, GA and Albany, GA are an hour away and 30 minutes away respectively.  

I don’t know much about coffee, but I’m ready to learn more, or start a career in coffee.  Which class is right for me?

All of our Barista Level 1 and SCA Introduction/Foundations level classes are designed so that people with little to no experience in the coffee world can benefit.  Still not sure if you’re ready for those steps? Try one of our basic Community Classes to get a short intro.

Something happened and I can’t come to the class I registered for!

No worries.  Give us a call with your name, and the class you’ve signed up for and we’ll see about rescheduling.

I need to cancel my class, and I’m not sure when I can reschedule.  Can I have a refund?

As long as you contact us 2 weeks before your scheduled class begins we are happy to process a refund.  After that, we will apply your class fees to any future class at the Cafe Campesino Coffee Training Lab.

What do I need to bring to class?

While we will supply all supplies for the class, we recommend bringing a notebook and pen to record all that sweet coffee knowledge.

Can I bring friends or family to class with me?

While we want a dedicated learning environment during class times, we encourage bringing friends or family to Americus.  Our quaint town has shopping, historical sites, and beautiful vistas all within a short drive - making it a perfect work/vacation destination.  Check out our list of **Things to do**

Where should I stay when I visit Americus?

We have provided a list of recommended hotels in the About Us sections.

We have a lovely selection of hotels in Americus.  Our favorite is the Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel, a charming historic hotel in the heart of downtown Americus.  It is conveniently located across the street from our retail location, and a short drive or 10 minute walk from our Coffee Training Lab.  

Do you offer a payment plan for classes?

While we do not offer a direct payment plan, we have enabled PayPal Credit through our website checkout.  You can find more information about PayPal Credit and how it works by clicking here.

None of these answered my question!?!

Call our Lab Coordinator, Hannah Mercer, at 229-924-2468, or email her at hannah@coffeetraininglab.com for answers to anything you didn’t find here.