The Coffee Training Lab is a center for learning and education for coffee professionals, as well as at-home coffee drinkers.

About Coffee Training Lab 

We believe Specialty Coffee training should be fun and accessible to all. To that end, we offer supportive, hands-on learning environments with small class sizes of six or fewer students. We also want to honor the small-scale coffee farmers who grow and harvest much of the world's specialty coffee. We believe positive coffeehouse experiences can help do that- ones where baristas share their passion and skill but also their humility and kindness.  We bring this ethos to all of our classes. 

Coffee Training Lab - Two Locations

Coffee Training Lab classes are held at our Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Premier Training Campuses.  We operate one lab in Americus, Georgia, adjacent to Cafe Campesino, and one in Gainesville, Florida, at Sweetwater Organic CoffeeClass dates for both locations can can found in the individual class descriptions and on our 2020 Class Calendar.