Who Should Attend

Cafe Campesino's Coffee Training Lab invites coffee lovers of all backgrounds to deepen their knowledge of the coffee supply chain- from crop-to-cup. Based in Americus, Ga., the lab is a Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Facility, meeting the SCA's international standards and protocols for coffee brewing and barista instruction.

With both a classroom setting and a hands-on learning lab, students can improve their skill-sets in such areas as:

  • Brewing and Tasting Coffee
  • Steaming Milk
  • Building Espresso-based Beverages
  • Working with Coffee Customers
  • Understanding the Coffee Supply Chain
  • Understanding Milk and Coffee Science
  • And much more

Three types of classes are offered at the lab: SCA Classes, Community Classes and our own Professional Training Classes.

The SCA class offering allows professional baristas to attend classes and take exams that will help them advance in their SCA-coursework. 

Community Classes are oriented toward the general coffee consumer who is curious about coffee- where it comes from - and how brewing techniques can create optimum flavor at home. 

Our Professional Training classes are designed for baristas who want to improve their technique but may not be working toward an SCA certification.

All classes are taught by Hannah Mercer, an authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer who has worked as a barista and a coffee house manager for Cafe Campesino and who leads wholesale training for the company.  

With more than 20 years experience sourcing fair trade, organic coffee directly from small-scale farmers, Cafe Campesino offers a unique backdrop for professional baristas who want a direct connection to coffee farmers or a better understanding of a triple-bottom-line, sustainability-oriented business.