About Americus

Believe it or not, Americus, Georgia, is one of the best places in the United States to learn about specialty coffee.  Located in rural southwest Georgia, Americus offers students an opportunity to slow down and focus on their craft.  It is home to green coffee importer, Cooperative Coffees, and the 20+year-old sustainability focused coffee roaster, Cafe Campesino.  

What is the address of the Coffee Training Lab in Americus?

The Coffee Training Lab is located inside the offices of Cafe Campesino Roastery.  The address is: 

Cafe Campesino Roastery
725 Millard Fuller Blvd.
Americus, Georgia 31709
(229) 924-2468

What’s the closest airport?

We are about 2.5 hours south of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. There are regional airports in Macon, Ga., and Albany, Ga, are an hour away and 30 minutes away respectively.  

Getting to Americus from the Airport

Renting a car and driving to Americus from the airport is the most convenient option.  Taxis or ride-share options such as Uber or Lyft are cost prohibitive to take from a nearby airport. Once in Americus, the town is quite walkable - especially if you are staying at the Windsor Hotel.  If you do not have a driver’s license, or renting a car isn’t affordable to you, we recommend considering classes at our Gainesville, Fla., campus, where transportation options are more diverse.    

Where should I stay when I visit Americus?

Our favorite is the Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel, a charming historic hotel in the heart of downtown Americus.  It is conveniently located across the street from Cafe Campesino's retail coffee shop and a 10-minute walk from our Coffee Training Lab.  From time-to-time, there are AirBnB houses and apartments available that are within walking distance of the Coffee Training Lab.  Other recommended locations are not walkable.  They include: the Hampton Inn and the Historic Plains Inn.

Things to Explore in Americus

Cafe Campesino's ethos was born out of long-standing Americus-and-Sumter-County institutions, and the work ethic and creativity of local entrepreneurs continue to inspire us.  Below is a list of some key entities in the Americus community that have inspired and shaped us over the years.  

  • Cooperative Coffees- A one-of-a-kind green coffee importing cooperative of roasters is based in Americus on Lamar Street.  Cooperative Coffees grew out of Café Campesino founder Bill Harris’s desire to collaborate with like-minded coffee businesses. All Co-op Coffees members share a commitment to sourcing fair trade, organic and shade-grown coffee from small-scale farmers.  Today, Cooperative Coffees has two offices and a staff that works around the globe.  There are some 23 roaster members across the U.S. and Canada.  Visit: www.coopcoffees.com

  • Habitat for Humanity- Cafe Campesino company was founded after Bill Harris traveled to Guatemala on a Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip where he met a coffee farmer in 1997.  Habitat was founded in Americus by Millard Fuller who lived on Koinonia Farm for many years.

  • Koinonia Farm- Founded in 1943, Koinonia is a Christian-based communal farm that made a local mark on the Civil Rights movement by welcoming all races equally.  During the 1950's and 1960's Koinonia farm products were boycotted locally, so the farm was forced to start a mail-order business selling baked-goods and confections to earn money outside of the polarized South.  That tradition lives on today, and the farm sources fair trade coffee and chocolates, often combining them with their farm-raised pecans. They also welcome groups and retreats.  www.koininoiafarm.org

  • Mobile Glass Blowing Studios- An Americus-born institution that is revolutionizing the art of glass-blowing with mobile furnaces for glass artists.  Their "dragons" and "baby dragon" furnaces have have been sold to artists in Canada, Germany, India and more locations.  Visit: http://www.mobileglassblowingstudios.com

  • Tepuy Activewear- Vibrant, dynamic activewear, "Made in Americus" by Venezuelan-born designer Elena Carne. Visit: www.tepuyactivewar.com

  • Historic Windsor Hotel- The crown jewel of Americus.  This 125-year-old hotel underwent $5 million in renovations a few years ago, and it is the centerpiece of downtown.

  • Historic Rylander Theatre- Come for coffee, stay for a show.  Beautifully restored and centrally located in the heart of downtown Americus, the Rylander serves as a gathering spot for great music, masterfully directed plays and special occasions.  

  • President Jimmy Carter- Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn live down the road in Plains, Ga., (really!).  We have a lot of great things to say about this former U.S. president, but if you have time to explore Plains, you can visit his boyhood home or school.

For more information on things to do in the area, visit the Americus-Sumter County tourism website.